When looking for pest control in your local area, B-Discreet Pest Control would like to know what’s bugging you? If you are having a pest problem there is no better local company to contact to help you eliminate pest infestations in your home or business premises.

B-Discreet Pest Control is well-known for our services to both homeowners and business owners across Northampton, Midlands and London, so no matter your pest problem, you will have a B-Discreet team close-by to help you out in an emergency, or for long-term help with the control of pest infestation on your property.

Emergency and ongoing pest control services

At B-Discreet, we aim to deliver both domestic and commercial customers with our rapid-action emergency pest control services to quickly control and eradicate pest infestations, including rodents, crawling or flying insects.

We also offer our long-term ongoing pest control services to businesses that need to keep their workplaces clean and free from pests that can bring in disease, dirt and germs that can contaminate your property and put your business at risk.

Keeping your commercial premises clear of pest infestations is especially critical for those businesses involved in the food and beverage sector, such as caterers, hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars, as well as food and drink manufacturers.

Discreet, personalised pest control services

As our name implies, we offer our clients a very discreet yet effective pest control service which is personally tailored to meet your domestic or commercial needs. We offer a flexible service and can attend your property to carry out our services at a time that suits you and your busy schedule.

Our team are quite used to dealing with common pests of all types, and we know how to deliver a swift and effective service while causing the least fuss or disruption to your day as possible.

Be-Discreet Pest Control services operate teams of professional, highly trained operatives all across the midlands, London and the south. No matter where you live or run your business, we will have a team on your doorstep to help you in an emergency when you need us.

Our ongoing pest control maintenance services are the ideal solution for helping to keep your business premises free from the most common pests experienced in the UK, including rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, wasps and other flying or crawling insects.

Cutting edge pest control methods

Be-Discreet Pest Control services are a modern, up-to-date company with a practical and efficient approach to pest control. We have the perfect solution for your problem no matter whether you are a domestic customer needing help with a pest infestation in your home where you have children and pets present that need to be considered, or you operate a business that needs an effective ongoing service to keep your property pest-free.

If you are wondering if Be-Discreet is the right company for your needs, it is important that you know we can handle a host of different pest problems, whether they are simple or challenging to resolve.

We work with both domestic and commercial clients and our team are very friendly and down-to-earth. Be-Discreet like to build strong working relationships with our clients and make most of our new connections through personal recommendations from happy customers.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss your pest control problem and sort out a quick solution for you.

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