High quality and cost-effective pest control is just a phone call away when you contact the experienced team at B-Discreet. Operating in and around the Wellingborough area, we provide a wide range of safe and effective pest control solutions for both businesses and homeowners.

Finding a pest on your property can be extremely challenging. You might have seen the tell-tale signs of rats or mice in your kitchen, for example. Or maybe you’ve noticed strange-looking insects that might be cockroaches. Perhaps you’ve got a wasp nest nearby that is causing major issues or pigoens that are out of control.

While some DIY approaches work, it’s often much better to get a trained pest control team in at times like this, especially if you don’t want things to get out of hand.

Commercial Pest Control in Wellingborough

Many of our customers are business owners in and around the Wellingborough area. We work with restaurants and cafes, bars and hotels, residential homes and retail to help solve their pest problems.

Our team are ready at a moment’s notice to respond to emergencies but can also provide on going solutions as well as audits and risk assessments for new and established businesses to help ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.

Finding that you have a pest problem is a major test for any business. It may not only affect the health and safety of people who work in and visit your operation but can also do quite severe damage to your reputation if things get out to the wider public.

That’s why we’re focused on providing a discreet service for our customers, ensuring that we take a low-key approach and solve the problem with a minimum of fuss.

Pest Control for Homeowners

The first thing many homeowners try to do when they discover a pest problem is to solve it themselves. A DIY approach can sometimes work but with many pests, it never really eradicates the whole problem. At B-Discreet:

  • We offer an affordable and complete pest control solution that is effective.
  • Our team are highly trained and very experienced at dealing with everything from rat and mice infestations to wasp nests, cockroaches, ants and other insects as well as problems with birds such as pigeons.
  • Our pest control solutions in Wellingborough are safe and carried out according to current government guidelines. Our processes are all pet and child friendly which gives you complete peace of mind.
  • We provide a free assessment and survey for all our customers. The price we quote is also the price you pay with no hidden fees to give you a shock when we’ve finished the job.
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What Type of Pests Can B-Discreet Help With?

For both homeowners and businesses, our team cover all levels of pest infestation. That includes dealing with cockroaches, wasps, bird fouling and bird control, rat, squirrel and mice problems. Not only can we help solve your immediate infestation but we can also advise on how to keep future problems under control or prevent them from happening again.

Contact Pest Control Wellingborough

From East Barton and Finedon to Mears Ashby and Wollaston, our expert team operates across the whole of Wellingborough and the surrounding region. All our operatives are certified through NPTA, BPCA, RSPH and are Basis registered.

We believe in being discreet and handling pest problems in a no-nonsense way so that you can get back to living your life or getting on with your business in complete peace of mind.

If you have an intrusive pest in your home or business, contact the team at B-Discreet today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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