B-Discreet offers a range of pest control services to homes and businesses across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. With affordable prices and modern, effective and humane solutions, we provide a free, no-obligation survey and quote for all our customers.

Whether it’s rats in your cellar or a wasp nest near your home, a cockroach infestation in your restaurant or problems with messy pigeons, our qualified and experienced team have a long-lasting solution that is guaranteed to work.

Pest issues not only cause damage to infrastructure and are very inconvenient, but they can also be the source of major health conditions as well. If you think you have a problem, it’s important not to wait and to call in the professionals.

Who Are B-Discreet?

  • We’re a fully qualified and registered pest control outfit working in and around the Milton Keynes area.
  • All our technicians are NPTA, BPCA, RSPH and Basis registered.
  • We aim to provide our customers, both domestic and commercial, with quality pest control solutions at an affordable price.
  • Our team provide a free assessment and survey of your pest problem, however big or small, with a no-obligation quote for free.
  • Our quotes are written in stone – what we say it will cost is the price you pay, no added extras or hidden fees.

Pest Control for Milton Keynes Residents

When you find you have a pest problem in your home, it is generally difficult to deal with and DIY solutions don’t often work very well. Over the years, we’ve come across cockroach infestations, bed bug issues, rodents and a whole host of other challenges including the odd fox or two and several flocks of over-zealous pigeons.

  • We will deal with your pest problem humanely and safely, within current government pest control guidelines.
  • We’ll even give you advice on how to prevent an infestation from occurring again.
  • Our solutions are child and pet friendly so you can have complete peace of mind that your pest problem is being dealt with safely and efficiently.

Our experienced team cover all areas from Ashland and Bradwell to Tattenhoe and Upper Weald in the Milton Keynes area. We can be onsite in next to no time for emergencies and provide a discreet and friendly service to all our customers.

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Pest Control for Milton Keynes Businesses

We’ve built long-term relationships with many businesses around the Milton Keynes area including bars and restaurants, hotels and residential homes. Finding a pest infestation in or around your business not only causes worry about health and safety it can also cause reputational damage.

Dealing with the problem quickly and as quietly as possible is often something business owners need to seriously consider.

Our technicians are extremely discreet and will make sure that any pest control is carried out diplomatically and sensitively. Whether it’s a cockroach problem or other insect infestation, rodents such as rats or mice or something else, our team will not only handle the issue for you but advise on how to prevent further trouble in the future.

For our commercial clients, we can also carry out risk assessments and audits, something that can help stop pest problems beginning in the first place.

Contact the Team at B-Discreet Today

You may not need a pest control expert every day of the week in Milton Keynes but when you do, it’s important to have a team to contact who can get to you as quickly as possible. Our fully trained experts are here to help with a wide range of pest problems.

If you would like a free assessment and quote, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Flea Control Milton Keynes

If your Milton Keynes home or business has a flea problem, do not wait until it gets out of control before you call in the experts from B-Discreet Pest Control Milton Keynes.

What a lot of people don’t know is that your home or business premises can hold fully formed fleas sitting in their cocoons for a long time, just waiting for a sign of a host to hop onto.

While vacuuming can remove loose fleas, eggs and flea larvae, it is essential that you dispose of your vacuum bag content into a sealed outdoor bin. The act of vacuuming can awaken fully formed adult fleas from their cocoons, so you want to make sure that the new flea hatchlings cannot escape your vacuum or waste bin to re-infest your property.

If you have pets with fleas, as well as treating them for fleas, you should wash all of your pet bedding, sofa throws, cushion covers, rugs and bedding that your pets lay on in very hot water to kill fleas, eggs and larvae.

Calling in B-Discreet to treat fleas

Once fleas have infested your home or business premises, they can be almost impossible to get rid of with any DIY solution. To ensure the fleas are entirely eradicated, bringing in our expert team from B-Discreet in Milton Keynes makes sense.

We use professional-grade insecticides to quickly and effectively kill fleas, eggs and larvae. However, we will ask you to cover any fish tanks and remove any pets from your home until the treatment areas have been properly ventilated.

It is advisable to give the treatment enough time to work with the fleas life-cycle, so we recommend not vacuuming for two weeks to ensure that the treatment catches fleas at every stage of their development.


I discovered a dead pigeon in my loft. Unfortunately, it brought fleas into my home. B-Discreet in Milton Keynes were very professional and quickly cleared up the problem for me. Five-star service!
Barry from Milton Keynes.

I called in B-Discreet to deal with a mouse problem. I had a nest under my shed, and they started invading my home. B-Discreet were very discreet and came to my house in an unmarked van. A very thoughtful touch.
Adam from Milton Keynes.