Got a pest problem in Kettering? Our very discreet, highly qualified team of pest control experts are waiting for your call and will be on-site in next to no time, solving the issue quickly while giving you complete peace of mind.

We handle all kinds of pest control issues from cockroach and rodent infestations to wasp nests and flea and bed bug problems.

Have You got a Pest Problem?

From the Telford Industrial Estate to Wicksteed Park our team deliver a wide range of pest control solutions for both homeowners and businesses across Kettering and the surrounding region.

Of course, it can be difficult to identify some pest infestations. The first most people notice in the home, for example, is when they see small droppings. Smears of dark colour can mean you have an issue with cockroaches.

Other pest issues are more noticeable – for example if you have a wasp nest nearby or you’re constantly being pestered by pigeons. These pests not only cause damage, they can also have a big impact on health.

The good news is that our highly experienced team will come to your home or business in Kettering and provide a free assess what type of pest problem you’re dealing with.

Domestic Pest Control Kettering

We provide our services up and down the Kettering area and many of our customers are homeowners. Common problems include wasp nests and other insect infestations that cause disruption during the late spring and summer, especially if you have kids.

Rodents can also be a problem and safely and humanely getting rid of these requires a good deal of training and technical expertise. Left to their own devices, rodents such as mice and rats, not only breed prolifically but can do serious damage to your infrastructure and may even cause illness.

Commercial Pest Control for Your Kettering Business

A pest problem for businesses is not only inconvenient, but it can also cause serious damage to that all-important reputation. If you own a hospitality business such as a hotel, bar or restaurant, ensuring that pests such as cockroaches and rodents don’t get a hold is essential. The same challenge faces organisations such as residential homes where the safety of residents is paramount.

The last thing you want, of course, is for a pest control team to turn up on your doorstep with all sirens blazing and a big sign on their van. That’s why we make sure we are very discreet, working with our customers in the business world to ensure we solve their problems tactfully and with the least amount of fuss.

Contact B-Discreet Today

If you live or operate a business in Kettering and need a pest control service that you can rely on, B-Discreet has a great track record of dealing with all kinds of infestation, both large and small. All our staff are fully trained and certified with NPTA, BPCA, RSPH and are also Basis registered.

We use the latest pest control techniques and pride ourselves on our discreet and efficient approaches that many of our customers appreciate.

The first thing we offer is a no-obligation free assessment and quote for your pest problem in Kettering. When we quote, there are no added extras put onto the bill once we’ve finished – what we quote is exactly what you pay.

With an emergency response when needed and a highly efficient and discreet team of technicians, we think B-Discreet has all the bases covered, whether you run a business in Kettering or you’re a homeowner.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Flea Control in Kettering

We are known as a nation of pet lovers, so it makes sense that we would give our cats and dogs preventative flea treatments in the form of spot-on solutions and flea collars. But protecting our pets from fleas doesn’t mean that our homes will be protected from them too.

Flea infestations can be a problem no matter how clean you keep your Kettering home, or even if you don’t have pets that can carry them inside.

Did you know that fleas can jump up to 100 times their body length, and even though they cannot fly, they can still be brought into your home on your shoes or clothing.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, but your pets can carry fleas even if you never see a single one crawling on their fur. There are signs to look out for, like your pets constant scratching and nibbling, restless behaviour, over-grooming and fur loss.

Getting help with treating fleas in your home

B-Discreet Pest Control Kettering can take care of your flea problem quickly and professionally. We will treat your home with our special insecticide treatment, but it can help us treat the problem more effectively if you clear as much floor space in your home as possible so we can cover more ground and get into the corners of your rooms.

Giving your floors a good vacuuming before treatment can help remove flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas. The vibrations from your vacuum can also stimulate deeply buried flea hatchlings to come out of their cocoon, making our treatments more effective.

Our professional-grade insecticide treatment will penetrate deep into the base of carpets where fleas like to live.


I called out B-Discreet to help with an ant problem I had in my kitchen. The technician was very polite and showed me where the ants were getting in from outside. He checked and treated my kitchen and gave me some helpful tips too!
Theresa from Kettering.

Excellent service from the Kettering team with my wasp’s nest. Very professional from start to finish.
Mike from Kettering.