When looking for fast and effective pest control in Coventry, look no further than B-Discreet pest control services. We are a locally-based team of highly experienced pest controllers that work with both commercial and residential customers in and around the Coventry area.

While some pests can cause some minor annoyance at certain times of the year, once they become a nuisance, they can be very hard to get rid of. In a lot of cases, it makes more sense to call in an expert pest control company such as B-Discreet to handle the problem for you rather than try to tackle it by yourself.

For example, if you get a wasps nest in your loft space or under your floor space, it can quickly become a nightmare for your family and pets, especially if you have any family members that are allergic to wasp stings.

Luckily, B-Discreet is here for you when you need us in an emergency situation. We have the greatest industry knowledge, experience and professional equipment needed to tackle such a dangerous job.

Coventry-based pest control for fast action

B-Discreet have a Coventry-based team that can be on your doorstep very quickly when you have a pest infestation that needs urgent attention. No matter if you have a problem with crawling, biting or stinging insects or you have a mouse, rat or bird problem, we can help with our fast and effective pest control services.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team have worked with a lot of residents and businesses in the local area to help rid them of many pest infestation problems.  We have outstanding customer feedback and most of our work comes via word of mouth from our satisfied customers.

We have lots of ongoing clients that use us to keep their homes and business premises pest-free all year round, so if you prefer a long-term pest solution using environmentally-friendly methods of pest control, look no further than B-Discreet Pest Control Coventry!

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Better than DIY pest control

As we are a professional pest control company, we are licensed to use approved pesticides that are not available over the counter to the general public from DIY shops. This means that our pest control solutions are far quicker-acting and more effective than anything you can buy to use yourself.

Because we are trained to safely use these specialist pest control materials, our applications are far safer for your health, especially around domestic homes with family and pets, as well as business premises with staff, that could accidentally come into contact with substances that could be harmful to their health.

Some over the counter DIY pest control solutions are often weaker, slow-acting or simply ineffective against most pest infestations. Why waste your time, money and effort on a DIY solution that doesn’t do the job correctly?

No matter what your pest problem – from rats or mice to ants or bed bugs, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to discuss your needs and find the most effective pest control solution to meet your needs.

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Jobs done in Coventry

Rat control in Coventry

B-Discreet Pest Control was called out to help a lady that had a recurring rat problem. She had used a different pest control company before, but they only got rid of the rats and didn’t look for the cause of the problem. Our team at B-Discreet used a special kind of process that uses tracking dust to help us discover the source of the problem. We used baited traps to deal with the rats and found that they were entering the house through an ancient drainage pipe severely degraded with age and crumbling away. The lady had the pipe dug out and replaced with a brand new one with proper a proper rat wall installed at the end.

Mouse control in Coventry

B-Discreet Pest Control was contacted by a lady who could hear noises coming from behind her walls. We inspected her home and found that she had mice living in her cavity walls. We placed treated bait along their walkways and around their entry and exit points into the walls. We monitored their activity with tracking dust until there was no evidence of mouse activity in the walls.

Bird Control in Coventry

B-Discreet Pest Control had a call from a town-centre shop owner that was having a problem with pigeons making a mess on the shop roof. He was worried that his customers might get pooped on as they entered or exited his shop. After we inspected his loft and confirmed that the birds were not entering the property, we installed bird wiring on the roof. Bird wiring is a visually discreet method of bird deterrent widely used by shops and commercial premises to protect building fascias, roofs and ledges from undesirable bird activity.