Sometimes it can seem like an uphill struggle to keep your home or business premises free of common pests, whether they be rats and mice or ants, fleas, cockroaches or wasps. Our team at Be-Discreet Pest Control Daventry are here for you when you need us, especially when you need to tackle a pest problem that needs special handling, such as rats, mice and wasps nest removal.

While there are plenty of age-old remedies for keeping your home or business free of pests that still around today, unfortunately, most of them are simply myths or old-wives tales that in reality don’t work.

For example, a common myth is that by placing conkers in the corners of your room you will deter spiders. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back this up. However, researchers have said that spiders don’t like citrus scents, so you could try to prevent them from entering your home in the autumn when they are most troublesome by cleaning door and window frames and skirting boards with a natural cleaner containing lemon juice.

While British house spiders are nothing to be concerned about, it is more important that you focus your pest-control efforts on keeping out more dangerous pests, such as rats and mice, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and fleas.

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Rodent infestations

Just like with spiders, many pests don’t like strong scents and while you can use peppermint oil to help deter rats and mice, it won’t kill them but it may help to discourage them from visiting certain areas. However, solutions like these are never 100% effective so there is little point in putting your faith in things like these.

If you suspect your home or business premises has been invaded by rats or mice, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are a leading service for domestic and commercial pest control in Daventry.

How B-Discreet Pest Control can help you

You may have spotted some common signs that you have a pest problem and may need our help to eradicate rats or mice from your property. We also provide emergency services to help you with dangerous situations such as wasp nest removal, which pose a serious risk to anyone that is allergic to wasp venom.

For business owners, we can advise on preventative measures and offer the most suitable ongoing control methods to help keep your premises pest-free. This is especially important for businesses in the food and drink industry, such as pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes as well as caterers and food manufacturers.

Our team will also come out to your Daventry business to inspect your premises routinely and report on the status of your pest infestation. We will undertake an appropriate programme of pest control for you using the most cutting-edge treatments and equipment to target and eliminate pests.

Professional pest control in Daventry

Be-Discreet Pest Control is committed to keeping up to date with best-practice methods so you can feel confident that we know how to get the job done swiftly and effectively.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Daventry-based team to discuss your pest control needs. We are here to help!

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Flea Control Daventry

If your Daventry home or business premises have a flea problem, don’t panic! B-Discreet Pest Control Daventry are here to help. We are a professional pest control company with fully trained and experienced pest technicians that can eradicate flea infestations from your workplace or home quickly and effectively.

Our team get plenty of call-outs to deal with flea problems, so you should never feel that you are alone. As a nation of pet lovers, it is only natural that most of us will encounter fleas sometimes, and it can be reassuring to know that B-Discreet can help you with your problem.

We have access to professional-grade insecticides that are not available to the general public. Don’t worry though, because they are perfectly safe to use in your home, mainly because we know how to apply them and what doses to use.

How will you treat my home?

We will ask you to cover fish tanks and remove any pets from your home while we apply the flea treatment. It will be perfectly safe for your pets to return once we have finished using the treatment and have ventilated your premises.

The flea treatments we use are applied to all floor surfaces, so we will ask you to clear as much floor space as you can so our treatments can reach deep into carpets and corners of rooms where fleas like to live.

It is recommended not to vacuum your floors for a couple of weeks to allow the treatment to capture all of the fleas life-cycle from eggs to pupae and adult hatchlings.


I didn’t think I could get help with a pigeon problem until I read about B-Discreet services. They were very professional and knew exactly what to do to deter pigeons from landing on my roof and leaving messy droppings everywhere.
Simon in Daventry.

B-Discreet in Daventry helped move a swarm of bees from a bush next to my window. I was worried about being stung. The team did an excellent job.
Rebecca from Daventry.

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Recent Jobs Completed by B-Discreet Pest Control in Daventry

Flea eradication in Daventry

We were called to a home in Daventry where the owners cat had brought fleas into the house. The owners had treated the cat for fleas but couldn’t get rid of them from the home no matter what they tried. We carried out a plan to treat the whole house and did a follow-up treatment to make sure we caught them all as fleas have a long and complex life cycle that often need more than one application.

Mouse control, Daventry

B-Discreet Pest Control helped a gentleman deal with a mouse problem he discovered in his garden shed. We inspected his property and found that mice had set up home under the floor and were helping themselves to his stock of bird food that he kept in the shed. We cleared the nest and advised the owner to keep his bird food in a sealed metal container to keep mice out.

Wasp nest removal, Daventry

A customer called us to help them with a wasp nest in their garage roof. Their presence made it impossible for the owner to work in his garage. We treated the nest with a fast-acting solution, quickly resolving the problem.

Bed bug treatment in Daventry

B-Discreet Pest Control was brought in to treat a suspected case of bed bugs after a customer started waking up with some itchy bites in the morning. We confirmed that it was bedbugs and carried out treatment using an environmentally safe IGR insecticide. The customer confirmed they had no more bites.

Wasp nest in garage, Daventry

We were called by a customer who found a wasps nest in his garage and wanted it gone. We visited him the same day to look at the nest and explain how we would safely remove it. The customer was selling his house, so he didn’t want to show anyone around while there was a wasps nest in the garage, so we sent one of our technicians to deal with it the next day. We removed the nest and cleaned everything away so the customer could feel confident showing the garage during house viewings.

Mouse problem in Fawsley

A customer from Fawsley called us after hearing strange noises coming from his loft. Upon investigation, we found that mice had set up home in some old cardboard file boxes the customer kept stored in the loft. One of our technicians went back the next day to remove the nest and set live traps to catch the mice as the customer didn’t want us to kill them. It wasn’t long before our customer was living mouse-free once again.

Ant eradication in Crick

Our Daventry team got a call from a distraught customer that found ants crawling all over a bag of sugar in her kitchen cupboard. We sent a technician to assess the ant problem and saw the ants were coming up from under the floorboards. On further investigation, we found an ant nest under the floor, and we quickly got to work on resolving the ant problem for our customer.