Long Term Stability Treatments & Advice

We aim to provide rapid control and long-term stability through pro-active treatments & advice, enhanced by a personal service that nurtures a long term working partnership. It is a very discreet arrangement between B-Discreet Pest Control and yourselves, and we can organise the timescale to suit you. We are very experienced with all forms of pest control and can assure you that our exterminator will complete each job in a quick efficient professional manner. We have covered many projects throughout the midlands, London and the south.

  • Pests
  • Cockroach
  • Pigeon
  • Ants
  • Wasp
  • Insects
  • Insect
  • Pests

Annual Contracts

We provide totally bespoke annual contracts tailored to your requirements and can provide an exterminator for any type of ant infestation or cockroach infestation. This can be included at a set fee, which will fall within the contract specification.  Our contracts can be tailored to include any kind of pest control, risk / prevention audits and professional pest proofing service.

Annual contracts provide quality pest and insect control 365 days of the year, including free of charge emergency pest control call outs and follow up visits for specified pests.
Please contact us today for further information about our commercial pest control contracts. You can make a quick enquiry online by using the small contact form, or alternatively for an informal chat please phone us using the telephone number found here.

Emergency Pest Control

For those moments when you need help urgently we come out to your business or home and provide you with emergency pest control. This may include wasp nest removal, ant infestations, or vermin control such as a rat infestation or a mice infestation. Our pest control services always put 100% effective measures in place for your emergency pest control needs.

Your reputation, your ability to operate normally and your customers’ perception of your business can be very quickly damaged by an unexpected and unwelcome pest infestation. Here at B-Discreet Pest Control our pest control technicians can react quickly and appropraitely to your needs and provide a rapid solution to your emergency pest control needs.

Bird Control Services

With a continued urbanisation of the UK and errosion of the coastlines two of the most common pest bird species are the feral pigeon and seagulls. Both pest bird species can be a torment to your business. The most common problems associated with these and many pest birds are;

  • Bird Fouling
  • Aggressive behaviour especially when nesting birds are involved
  • Creating noise
  • Spreading Disease
  • Nesting on buildings

B-Discreet Pest Control have many tried and tested methods for limiting and removing these issues for you;

  • Bird Control using bird spiking, netting and bird wire.
  • New products such as bird gels and repellants
  • Humane trapping, nest and egg removal
  • Bird fouling removal

Our years of experience and expert bird team makes B-Discreet Pest Control an ideal solution to your needs contact us today via phone or our contact form.

Approved Pesticides

We comply with all current legislation relating to the use of approved pesticides, application equipment, as well as methods of control and disposal of waste products.
We do what we say we will, and then a bit more!

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone using the number on top of this page or by alternatively filling out the short contact form here.

Risk & Prevention Audits
We also provide risk & prevention audits, we are happy to perform out of hours audits to suit our clients needs. We can advise on pest proofing, fouling removal, and pest/bird deterrents such as bird spikes and pigeon netting, along with the supply/maintenance of electric fly killer units.


When I had an issue with pigeons on my roof and falling down my chimney, I was stumped about what to do. After speaking with B-Discreet about their services, one of their team came out to my property. He found out I had a hole under the roof that the pigeons used to get into my attic. He sealed up the hole and put a cap on the chimney. The pigeons quickly moved away, and my house is now quiet again.
Eric Price.

Being so close to the countryside on the edge of town, my restaurant needed a pest control contract from a reliable company. B-Discreet Pest Control services came highly recommended by another restaurant owner friend, and I am very pleased with their services.
Mr R Livingstone.

As I run my cafe business on a tight budget, I was happy to find that B-Discreet offered a very cost-effective service to maintain my pest control and keep my cafe pest-free.
Mrs K Sanders.

My workshop had a power cut that was caused by rats gnawing through some cabling. Not wanting them to cause any further damage to my property, I called in B-Discreet to deal with the problem for me. Now that the rats have gone, I can clean up and do a few repairs that B-Discreet recommended to make sure they don’t return. All-round excellent service and advice!
Mr J Llewelyn.