Within the catering and food industry, there is nothing more potentially damaging to your business than an infestation of rodents or pests. If left to manifest, the problem may develop into a dangerous and distressing situation for all involved, possibly leaving the reputation of your company in pieces. To avoid the occurrence of such an issue arising, it is highly advisable to call in the experts upon the suspicion of any type of infestation. Here at B-Discreet Pest Control, we specialise in commercial pest control, to keep your business safe and secure, and your working environment free from pesky intruders.

The presence of vermin can pose a serious health risk to anybody within the infested environment, particularly within a restaurant or food-based setting. We are able to quickly and discreetly eliminate the cause of the problem, within minimal impact upon your business and daily life.


We are able to deal with a wide range of pest control, including;

  • Rodent control (incl. rats, mice, squirrels etc…)
  • Biting insects (incl. bedbugs, fleas etc…)
  • Crawling insects (incl. cockroaches, garden/tropical ants, beetles etc…)
  • Flying insects (incl. wasps, bees, flies, moths etc…)
  • Bird control (incl. pigeon and seagull control etc…)
  • Pests
  • Cockroach
  • Pigeon
  • Ants
  • Wasp
  • Insects
  • Insect
  • Pests

Our ability to effectively eliminate a variety of intrusive pests makes us a reliable and trustworthy option when you find yourself faced with a battle against unwelcome visitors. With extensive experience in a diverse selection of hotels, local authorities, restaurants and healthcare buildings, we are fully knowledgeable in all areas of each profession, in order to provide the most beneficial service possible.

We are established NPTA & Safe Contractor members therefore providing the assurance that all industry best practice procedures are adhered to. Our technicians are fully certified through NPTA, BPCA, RSPH and are Basis registered thus ensuring continuous professional development – we all take pride in the service we offer. This has helped us achieve and hold pest control contracts for commercial property agents, hostels and 5* hotels, residential care homes, managed residences/office blocks, the NHS and private healthcare, construction industry, sports grounds, public and private schools, restaurants and warehouse/logistic centres

As we believe in providing the utmost level of honesty throughout every aspect our services, you’ll be provided upfront with a no obligation survey, with all prices initially quoted being the final figure at which you will be charged. This will ensure you receive a highly professional service from beginning to end, making the unpleasant nature of pest infestations a little less inconvenient. For more information on our commercial pest control, send us an enquiry today through our online contact form.

Why Businesses Need Pest Control Maintenance

In the UK, all businesses need some pest control management. This is essential for catering companies, food warehouses and any premises that handle or sell food and drink.

No matter what type of business you have, there will always be some pests that are attracted to your environment. This is why your premises need to be checked regularly for pests for your employees’ ongoing health and safety.

B-Discreet offers local business owners regular pest control services that involve inspecting your business premises and checking for pest infestations that can spread harmful diseases, germs and bacteria.

Any business involved in the food industry must use commercial pest control services to control pests such as rodents, crawling and flying insects that can contaminate food and cause your customers to become seriously ill.


We have been working with B-Discreet for a long time. The team worked efficiently and inspected my restaurant during closed hours. I have found them helpful and willing to explain what clues to look for as a sign of a potential pest issue. I have followed their recommendations about pest-proofing my premises, and we have not had any problems so far.
Mr T Hinds.

I employed B-Discreet Pest Control services to maintain pest control in my catering kitchen. They really are discreet and come out to check and replace bait traps and check around my building to make sure it is bug-free.
Mrs L Saunders.